Vintro Clear Wax   400ml

Vintro Clear Wax 400ml

A buttery-soft wax to protect your painted surfaces. Available in Clear and Dark. Coloured waxes can be created by adding small amounts of Chalk Paint to Clear Wax.

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Our wax is made to a traditional recipe, using a blend of pure beeswax and other natural waxes, creating a soft wax polish.
It is ideal for protecting painted surfaces or non-painted surfaces.
Easy to apply with a cloth or brush and buffs to a high sheen

  • Technical Information

    Not every project you paint with Chalk Paint will need to be sealed, such as occasional use furniture which is sat in the corner of your room.
    However, finishing your interior project with Vintro Wax will give your project a more hard-wearing, professional, wipeable finish.

    Our waxes comes in clear or dark and can be applied with either one of our natural bristle wax brushes or a lint free rag made from an old bed sheet or tee-shirt.  It is a beautiful soft wax and unlike many other waxes on the market, it can be buffed immediately to a high sheen.

    Vintro Waxes can be used over any of the Vintro Paints or on unpainted wooden surfaces.
    It will take 7 days for the waxes to cure, after which time the surface can be wiped with a dry or damp duster.  We recommend that you re-wax your project yearly for continued protection.
    For areas of high moisture such as bathrooms, kitchens or exterior projects, we recommend using Vintro Extreme Lacquer.

    We recommend that you decant some wax into a container prior to use so that the rest of the tin remains free from possible contamination. Vintro Wax goes a long way and so you probably will only to decant a small amount.

    Applying Wax
    Apply the wax thinly the same direction as you painted or as the grain of the wood, either with a Vintro Wax Brush or a lint free rag.Excess wax should be wiped away immediately.
    You will see that the painted surface darkens slightly as the wax enhances the finish.

    Use a lint free cloth to buff your waxed surface until it feels smooth. Repeat process, if desired, to get a deeper sheen.


    Vintro Dark Wax can be used to age or add patina to surfaces painted with Vintro Chalk Paint. 

    Decide on your Design
    We recommend having a look on our Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook page for inspiration of using Vintro Dark Wax to age furniture so that you can see which areas to apply to give a natural look to your painted surface if you want to age the area or see how it can enhance the overall colour.

    Applying Wax
    If you are still unsure about using Vintro Dark Wax on your project, we recommend that you apply a thin coat of Vintro Clear Wax immediately before the Dark Wax so that you can “erase” the Dark Wax with Clear Wax if you decide you do not like the look or if you add too much Dark Wax. We find it is best to work in small sections rather than the whole piece so that you can manipulate the wax before it drie